The company began operating in 2010. Quinox's ultimate goal is to offer outdoor products that do not rust nor smoke up, and that will brave the seasons. Our designers create outdoor propane fireplaces (with a gas natural option) entirely made of stainless steel. This design is very popular among our clients. Ever since the production of its first propane and natural gas fireplace, Quinox has been developing by offering other outdoor and durable fire tables. We only use high quality, durable and certified products.

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Always on the lookout for novelty, the company continues to rise, always bearing the same goal in mind: providing durable products for any outdoor patio. Quinox develops prestigious outdoor kitchens and offers its customers conceptions that always exceed their expectations. In 2014, Quinox added a new department: supply and installation of exterior coating for the construction sector, whether residential, commercial, or industrial. This complete service allows Quinox to break away from competition. Always in constant evolution, Quinox is now a leader in exterior products, and our personalized service allows the company to constantly evolve. Quinox's commitment is to offer exceptional service and high-quality products in order to always improve their number of satisfied customers.